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About Project



The mission of the World Bank is held in the capital today.

Alexandria Valerio, a Lead Education Specialist, and the CA and PMU staff have visited several sub-projects implemented under Zhas Project.

Mentoring is an important part of Youth Corps Project.

A mentor is a person who voluntarily shares his\her experience, ready to help another person in achieving his personal and professional goals without direct interference in the ward's life and not sur...

Dear participants of the Youth Corps Project!

If you have attended all 4 days of the training course, please disregard this message!  

Project Map

Regions of Project coverage in 2019

Success stories

Story of one dream: Barrierless environment for everyone

Dauren Turysbayev knows on his own experience the difficulties wheelchair using people face on the stair flights to go out, or too high street curbs hindering from passing the street. When project sta...

Story of one dream: Teaching children through games.

Andrei Suleimanov is 23 years old, he is an alumni of the medical college, but an artist by vocation. Therefore, he decided to devote his life to holidays and events, where he could express his artist...

Story of one dream: “How a village sculptor started making shoes”

The 25 years old Aibek has a profession rare for Kazakhstan, he – is a painter and sculptor. As any artist he is permanently in search for inspiration. Once he had a chance to observe a shoes ma...