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ONLINE CONFERENCE PROGRAM «Results of Youth Projects Implementation in Almaty and Karaganda regions in 2020»

ONLINE CONFERENCE PROGRAM «Results of Youth Projects Implementation in Almaty and Karaganda regions in 2020» December 25, 2020

A Million for a Dream

Thanks to Zhasproject Youth Corps Project, the young people from all regions of Kazakhstan received funding of up to one million Tenge for the implementation of social ideas. The results of the P...

ZhasProject: Over two thousand projects have been implemented during three years

At the Republican Forum of Best Practices held in the capital, the results of the youth corps Project ZhasProject were summed up, reports the correspondent of Elorda Info. In the framework...

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Regions of Project coverage in 2020

Success stories

Story of one dream: Barrierless environment for everyone

Dauren Turysbayev knows on his own experience the difficulties wheelchair using people face on the stair flights to go out, or too high street curbs hindering from passing the street. When project sta...

Story of one dream: Teaching children through games.

Andrei Suleimanov is 23 years old, he is an alumni of the medical college, but an artist by vocation. Therefore, he decided to devote his life to holidays and events, where he could express his artist...

Story of one dream: “How a village sculptor started making shoes”

The 25 years old Aibek has a profession rare for Kazakhstan, he – is a painter and sculptor. As any artist he is permanently in search for inspiration. Once he had a chance to observe a shoes ma...