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1) What is the grant amount?

The grant amount is up to 1 000 000 KZT for the implementation of a six months’ project.

3) What is the amount of stipend?

Higher education alumni shall receive 60 000 KZT monthly, during 6 months. Secondary school or college graduates, or students shall receive 40 000 KZT monthly.

4) When is the monthly social stipend transferred?

When all the terms and conditions are met (upon the receipt of the monthly report, participation in mentors’ session, participation in training, filling the mandatory questionnaires and other requirements). Stipend is transferred by the CA to the account of Kazpochta during 2-3 days. The transfer is made in several stages: a list of stipend recipients and transfer to Kazpochta is made (1-2 days), transfer of funds from the account of Kazpochta to the accounts of participants (2-3 days). Thus, participant receives the stipend during a week.  

5) I have just sent the monthly report (interim, final), when is it due to be reviewed?

All the reports are queued and reviewed by specialists, which takes, 3-5 days in average.

6) In case if I receive a grant, can I implement the project on a commercial basis during 6 months?

No, you cannot. During 6 months of project implementation you cannot gain income from the project, including providing services and goods on a commercial basis. You will be able to commercialize your project only after termination of the Grant Agreement, after 6 months of project implementation.

7) Shall recipients of stipends and grant funds return the funds?

No, grant funds are non-repayable. However, if participants breach the terms and conditions of the Agreement, namely in case of inappropriate use of funds, fraud or falsification of documents, the Coordinating Agency shall refer to measures, aimed at the recovery of funds.

8) What is the process of grant payment?

The grant is paid in two tranches (50%-50%) with fixed amount of funds.

The first tranche is paid during 10 business days after conclusion of the Grant Agreement.

The second tranche is transferred upon the actual implementation of works and consumption of the first tranche, and based on the results of the interim narrative and financial reports.

9) What is the difference between the grant and credit?

Grant funds are non-repayable and are not subject to return. You do not have to pay the interest for using the grant.

10) Why do you provide non-repayable grants and stipends? What is your objective?

Our aim – is to give the young people an opportunity to implement their social project ideas, to engage them in the activities focused to benefit the whole society.

The young people, especially those in the regions, do not have an opportunity to earn a million and do something to advance their town, village, region, regardless of how strong is their desire and motivation. Therefore, we offer grants - non-repayable funds.

Taking into account the knowledge, time and energy that project implementation demands, monthly stipends are provided. Stipend shall motivate and compensate the efforts that the young people make for successful project implementation.

11) Is there a fixed amount of grants per region?


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