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1) What does ‘Mentorship’ mean?

 Mentorship is a complex program, including elements of coaching, consulting, emotional support and training “through action”. It is based on the principle of mutual trust and respect between the mentor and participants, desire to join efforts and exchange information in order to gain the objectives defined.

2) Who is the ‘Mentor’?

Mentor – is a person willing to share his experience and support other people in reaching their personal and professional goals implicitly, without a direct engagement in the life of participant.

3) Mentors selection

 Mentors selection is implemented based on applications, attached documents and results of the interview. Committee of specialists, experienced in collaboration with mentors, select mentors in compliance with Project requirements for each separate region.

It is planned that 200 mentors from six regions shall be involved.


4) How to apply to become a mentor?

Applications are submitted online at the Project website www.zhasproject.kz. On the homepage of  www.zhasproject.kz choose and press “I want to become a mentor” button or open the “Mentors” tab and choose “Apply”. Then, fill in all the required lines, attached the demanded documents and press “Send”.

5) Who is eligible to become a mentor?

Active citizens, representatives of public organizations, teachers and representatives of education institutions, social workers, entrepreneurs the residents of the six regions (no less than 6 months). The main criteria: no less than 5 years of work experience in social field or work with the youth, especially with the vulnerable groups of young people, flexible (available for business trips across the regions), open to all new and to communication.

  Members of youth groups and heads/accountants of host organizations are not eligible to apply for mentorships.

6) What are the documents required to apply for mentorship?

  1. Online application
  2. Copy of the ID card
  3. Copy of the education certificate
  4. Certificates (no more than 3) confirming the work with the youth and/or trainings led by you.
  5. Proof of residence (from the public service center, Telegram @EgovKzBot).
  6. Police clearance certificates (from the public service center, Telegram @EgovKzBot).
  7. Statements from drug addiction treatment center and psychiatric unit.
  8. Letter of recommendation (professional recommendation letters from employers)


7) What are the timelines to apply for mentorship?

Applications are open between March 15 and April 15, 2019.

8) When and how the results are announced?

The results shall be available after May 10, 2019. Each mentor will be informed by e-mail or phone, indicated in the application form.

Each selected mentor shall receive a login and pathword for personal account on www.zhasproject.kz web portal.

9) What are the duties of mentor?

Youth groups, engaged in projects implementation shall be assigned to mentor.

The mentor shall hold monthly sessions – 1 session per each group.

  • Holds monthly sessions with the young participants.
  • Prepares the sessions preliminary, and contacts participants between meetings.
  • Keeps all the online protocols of sessions on personal account on the Project web portal (including the issues raised, solutions made).
  • Additionally, some mentors shall provide trainings (4-days trainings) for participants at the start and the end of the program (in case they succeed in training selection).

10) How does the mentor provide support?

During meetings mentor listens to the ideas of the young people, gives his feedback, suggests ways of solutions and helps them in developing projects, in case if needed, helps in building collaboration with others in order to tackle the project tasks. In addition, mentor also helps in gaining personal and professional goals.