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Host Organizations

1) Who are the host organizations?

These are nongovernmental organizations, working with the youth, and private organizations, implementing programs of corporate social responsibility. These organizations are selected by the Selection Committee.

2) Why some particular host organizations are involved, who selects them?

These organizations have gained the reputation as responsible partners in work with the youth and are selected on a competitive basis. Selection Committee includes representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK, the representatives of the Project Management Group and of the Coordinating Agency.

3) I don’t have friends or like-minded people to apply for the Project together

You can contact one of the host organizations, which will suggest you to unite with one of the youth groups.

4) How to find the host organization?

The list of host organizations and their contacts shall be available online at zhasproject.kz

5) What kind of organizations are eligible to apply for host organization selection? What are the main criteria?

Following organizations are eligible for host organization selection:

  1. youth organizations in accordance with the Law of the RK “On State Youth Policy”;
  2. non-profit organizations in a capacity of public associations, funds, association of legal entities, institutions, whose statutory objectives include activities on youth development and support;
  3. private organizations, implementing programs of corporate social responsibility, whose statutory objectives include activities on youth development and support.

Host organization selection criteria:

  1. no less than 3 years of legal registration at the moment of application.
  2. organization should operate in the following regions: Aktobe, East Kazakhstan Zhambyl, Kostanay, Kyzylorda and North Kazakhstan;
  3. state organizations that have branches in the mentioned regions, shall present a letter of permission in order to take part in selection process;
  4. activity delineated in the application should comply with the statutory objectives of the organization;
  5. no less than 3 years of experience in social program implementation involving the youth;
  6. no tax debts or any other debts;
  7. operating bank account;
  8. the organization should not be included in the list of fraudulent service suppliers on the state procurements site.

6) What documents are required to apply for a host organization?

  1. covering letter on application for host organization selection process;
  2. filled application form from a legal entity, claiming the status of the host organization as part of the Youth Corps Development Project;
  3. scanned copy of the Charter of the organization, approved in accordance with the law;
  4. scanned copy of the Constituent Agreement, in case if the organization Charter does not include information about founders or founding members.
  5. scanned copy of official registration (revalidation) certificate of the legal entity;
  6. scanned copies of signed and sealed statements from bank or the bank branch that serves the organization. The bank statements shall include the following information: (i) on the available bank account and (ii) excluding the overdue debts and all sorts of liabilities. The statement should be dated no earlier than one month prior to application date;
  7. scanned copy of statement of a set form from the corresponding tax authority excluding the tax debt and debts on mandatory pension contributions and social expenditures dated three months prior to the application date.
  8. the branches of state organizations shall provide official letter of permission allowing them to take part in host organization selection process;
  9. letters of recommendation.

7) What shall we do if our organization did not receive the invitation for host organization selection?

The information letter on the start of the host organization selection process is sent to regional Akimats, responsible for further distribution of the information among all the NGOs, operating in the region. It may be the case that some organizations have provided wrong contacts.  You may as well take part in host organization selection without invitation.

8) How will the host organization help us?

The host organization shall provide the following support to young people:

  1. advise on how to fill the application form, develop objectives and delineate the project core, consult and support in application procedures;
  2. if you do not have a group of 3-5 people, they will help you to find like-minded young people for joint project implementation;
  3. coordinate the project implementation process in order to minimize risks and avoid “failing”;
  4. manage all financial operation under the project implementation;
  5. present financial and narrative reports to the Coordinating Agency.

9) What can be done in case we are not satisfied with the host organization?

If your team is not satisfied with the host organization, you should write a collective representation and we will consider the possibility of assigning you another host organization.

10) Can host organizations apply for the grant program on behalf of their own?

No, they cannot. They can only apply on behalf of the youth group of 3-5 people.

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