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Project participants

5) Can I apply for the Project and implement it in the same region but in a different locality?

You should implement the project within your region. Young people living in the same region with you can participate.

7) Am I eligible to apply, if I’m studying off-campus?

Yes, You are. The Project does not suggest any limitations concerning the form of education.

8) Are multipurpose projects acceptable to apply?

The project must have one purpose only. The purpose of the project should focus on the improvement of the life quality of the community in your region by providing amenities.

9) Are the projects of social entrepreneurship acceptable to apply?

They are acceptable. But during the project implementation You are not allowed to undertake commercial activities and gain profit.

10) In case I have many ideas, can I pass several applications?

No, You can submit one application only.

11) What does the notion ‘vulnerable youth’ mean?

The vulnerable youth – are the young people who:

а) Are neither in education or professional training, nor employed;

b) Work in poverty (have very low income per family).

12) If I have been unemployed during the last 3 months, will that give me any advantage during selection?

In the category of unemployed young people, our main focus is on the those who are unemployed more than 6 months. However, we encourage those who are unemployed 3 months and less to participate. At the stage of technical selection each participant shall receive scores based on a score calculation system.

13) I do not belong to vulnerable young people group, am I eligible to apply?

Yes, you are eligible to apply. Moreover, if you are proactive and confident, and you wish to have more chances in competitive selection, we suggest that you build an initiative group of vulnerable young people.

14) Why do you prioritize the vulnerable youth?

For proactive and educated young people of Kazakhstan there are many programs and opportunities of personal growth, professional development, education and employment. Whereas the vulnerable young people, normally, are not engaged in state programs and experiences huge difficulties in finding a job, starting a business etc. Therefore, our Project focuses on involving the vulnerable young people in community service.

15) How do you find out if I’m working or not?

You will have to attach the statement from your pension fund (UNPF), which shall reflect the information on your work. In addition, you will have to attach the education certificate from the last place of education – degree certificate or secondary school diploma. Providing unauthentic data shall lead to agreement cancellation and project closure.

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