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Project's news


A Million for a Dream

Thanks to Zhasproject Youth Corps Project, the young people from all regions of Kazakhstan received funding of up to one million Tenge for the implementation of social ideas. The results of the Project were summed up at the Republican Forum held in the capital, which was attended by the Chairman of Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dariga NAZARBAYEVA, the Minister of Education and Science Askhat AIMAGAMBETOV, the representatives of the World Bank, and members of the Parliament.


ZhasProject: Over two thousand projects have been implemented during three years

At the Republican Forum of Best Practices held in the capital, the results of the youth corps Project ZhasProject were summed up, reports the correspondent of Elorda Info.

In the framework of ZhasProject, from 2017 to 2019, 2,679 subprojects were implemented with the participation of 9,016 people, who received a grant of up to 1 million Tenge to put into effect their initiatives, as well as the opportunity to undergo a Life Skills and Project Management Training Program. The Project was implemented with the support of the MOES RK and the World Bank.


The mission of the World Bank is held in the capital today.

Alexandria Valerio, a Lead Education Specialist, and the CA and PMU staff have visited several sub-projects implemented under Zhas Project.


Mentoring is an important part of Youth Corps Project.

A mentor is a person who voluntarily shares his\her experience, ready to help another person in achieving his personal and professional goals without direct interference in the ward's life and not surrogating him as a personality. Mentors will attend two training courses on life skills development and project management, and also the skills of training facilitation, work with a youth group, and mentoring.


Dear participants of the Youth Corps Project!

If you have attended all 4 days of the training course, please disregard this message!  


Dear women and young girls, happy international women's day!

Wish you to love your life, get inspired, to dream and make all your dreams come true. Make everyday count and surround your loved ones with warmth and care!



The Youth Corps Project Coordinating Agency is planning to organize master trainers' selection, who will then deliver three-day training 


Координационное агентство набирает информационных консультантов

Для проведения информационной кампании в рамках реализации Проекта развития молодежного корпуса набираются информационные консультанты в Актюбинской, Восточно-Казахстанской, Жамбылской, Костанайской, Кызылординской и Северо-Казахстанской областях преимущественно в сельской местности.


Казахстанская молодёжь получит гранты до 1 миллиона тенге на реализацию социальных инициатив

В Службе центральных коммуникаций состоялась пресс-конференция, в ходе которого спикеры представили совместный проект Министерства образования и науки Республики Казахстан и Всемирного банка - Проект развития молодёжного корпуса. Реализует Проект Координационное агентство. Проект направлен на вовлечение молодежи в жизнь общества и участие в общественно полезной деятельности и развитие жизненно важных навыков молодых людей.

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