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A Lecturer from Nur-Sultan Helps Young People Start a Business

I teach the Basics of Economics in a College, where we develop business plans for projects.


Investments of around 300 million tenge have been raised by the proactive youth of the East Kazakhstan region

The ambitious “Zhas Project” youth project allowed to attract about 300 million tenge of investments into social projects. 518 young people got the opportunity to implement their ideas.

The uniqueness of the project lies in the training program for young people on developing community-based service skills, including subsistence stipends up to 60 000 tenge. Aim of the project – is to engage the young people, particularly the vulnerable youth groups in community life as well as to develop their life skills.


143 business ideas from Kostanay region will receive funding as part of the Youth Corps Project

“Zhas Project” a joint project between the World Bank and the Ministry of Education and Science of the RoK was launched last year in Kazakhstan. In 2008 the Youth Corps Project covered several regions of Kazakhstan, including the Kostanay region.

The young people aged between 14-29 years, particularly the orphan children, the unemployed children, the young people from multiple children families and low-income families will be given an opportunity to present a business idea of social character and receive funding for its implementation.

The applications were open between May 20 and June 20. At the briefing in the regional press-club results of the selection process were announced. Following the results of three-staged selection process 143 social ideas in Kostanay region will receive funding. 492 participants will be engaged in the implementation of these projects – mainly the groups of young people.

The maximum project grant amount – is 1 million tenge.


A million for good

More than 140 projects will be implemented during the following six months in Kostanay region, allowing the young people to gain new occupation, to have a productive leisure or start doing sports.

146 groups have started implementing grant projects, funded by the World Bank with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science as part of “Zhas Project” Youth Corps Project.


Zhas Project helped the village youth to launch social hairdressing salons and tailoring workshops

How to provide your children with cloths and stay beautiful and elegant yourself if you are a mother of multiple children? That was the question Dina Tursunkhanova from Pavlodar village, whose life has changed completely during five months asked herself. Literally half a year ago she could not imagine herself becoming an entrepreneur.


Sculptor-artist from Kyzylzhar makes shoes for the villagers in need

The 25-year old Aibek Zhanysov has a rather rare occupation for Kazakhstan: he is a sculptor-artist. The young man lives in the Kyzylzhar rural area, Saryagash district in Turkestan region. As any artistic person he is constantly in pursuit of new ideas and inspiration.

Once, Aibek had a chance to observe a shoe master carving the leather details, cutting the excess and creating a whole piece of art. The shoe making process engrossed the young man, that the latter decided to learn the craft which was very much alike to that of his own.

“Studying the experience of shoe masters, I came across a video on social pages, telling the story of one craftsman, who developed unique sandals for children from low-income families in Africa. I have decided to help those who need new shoes but cannot afford to buy it”, - says Aibek.


qamshy.kz: Приглашаем вас принять участие в проекте «Zhas Project»

Хотите реализовать свою идею и открыть бизнес?
Тогда мы приглашаем вас принять участие в проекте «Zhas Project» при поддержке Всемирного банка и Министерства образования и науки Республики Казахстан,в целях повышения социальной активности, повышения квалификации на протяжении всей жизни и содействия развитию родины, мы объявляем о запуске проекта развития МК «Zhas Project» в нашем регионе. 


Рavlodarnews.kz: Особенные актёры «Театра без границ» дебютировали в Павлодаре.

На сцене Павлодарского театра драмы имени А.П. Чехова состоялась премьера сказки «Бременские музыканты» с участием детей с особыми образовательными потребностями специальных школ-интернатов города, передаёт корреспондент pavlodarnews.kz.  


Kazakhstan Today: Проект по поддержке малообеспеченной молодежи стартовал в Костанайской области

В Костанайской области и ряде других регионов страны с 20 мая стартовал проект Zhasproject, в рамках которого молодые люди от 14 до 29 лет могут пройти обучение, получить гранты и стипендию для того, чтобы улучшить свое положение, передает Kazakhstan Today.


24.kz: Музеи Алматинской области можно посетить, не выходя из дома

Музеи Алматинской области теперь можно посетить, не выходя из дома. 3D-тур по ним представляет собой виртуальный музей, в который попадаешь посредством всемирной сети Интернет.