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Success stories - 2017


Story of one dream: Barrierless environment for everyone

Dauren Turysbayev knows on his own experience the difficulties wheelchair using people face on the stair flights to go out, or too high street curbs hindering from passing the street. When project start was announced in Taldykorgan, he already had the idea to offer at Zhasproject – he was going to build ramps at the entryways to apartment houses. The idea is not brand new, and he used the ramp drawings found available on the internet, because it was something he wanted to do always, but had no funds.

Dauren found welding specialists in Sarkand, in the closest proximity to his location, who agreed to help him in preparing an affordable construction for the future ramp. Accompanied by his friends he went to construction markets searching for a special corrugated steel sheet that is non-slippery and durable.

We installed our first ramp in Taldykorgan, for the room where English language courses were organized. They have a special course for children with limited mobility, who used to face difficulties in going up the stairs each time they came to their lessons”, - recalls Dauren. “As we started working on the project, local newspapers wrote about us, as the result, we received a great deal of calls and offers. People were not just thanking us but left the addresses where ramps are needed. This means one thing – the problem of accessibility is extremely topical, and our work, although not of a tremendous scope, still very essential for society”.  

Understanding that the more followers the project gains, the better, Dauren started trainings on ramps installation, in order to share his experience with others. “We are sure, that after we have installed the ramps, it became much easier for limited mobility people to walk the stair flights”.

It only took 5 months for Dauren and his team to install 11 ramps in houses, where limited mobility people live or work.