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About host organizations

The youth initiative groups, participating in the Project grant program, are offered 2 ways of project implementation: independently or with the support of the host organization.

The host organization is selected on a competitive base among the non-profit and private organizations. Applications are submitted online at zhasproject.kz.

Selected host organizations shall be offered an opportunity to contribute significantly to social-economic development of their regions, gain international Project work experience, to strengthen the organization’s potential and enhance professional skills of the staff by involving them in trainings under the Project. 

Coordinating Agency signs the Memorandum on Cooperation with each selected host organization.

Based on signed Memorandum, host organizations:

  • take part in awareness raising campaign on Project application requirements for the young people in the region;
  • provide organizational support and consultation to youth initiative groups in application preparation and submission processes. Attention! The host organization does not make the application for participants, they offer consultation support only. The application ought to be filled and submitted by the youth group. The host organization can also offer the technical support (computer, internet) demanded to submit project application;
  • provide support to young people in building an initiative group based on their level of motivation and engagement in implementation of the project;
  • hold regularly meetings with participants aiming at minimalizing risks during social project implementation and sharing experience in project management;
  • provide support to youth initiative groups during project implementation. However, the host organization cannot change the project objective and content to benefit their own interests, nor can they change the group team;
  • coordinate the project implementation process in order to provide timely project narrative and financial reports to the Coordinating Agency;
  • manage financial operations, implemented under the project. Grant funds are transferred to the bank account of the host organization, subsistence stipends are transferred directly to initiative youth group participants.


Each host organization can coordinate no more than seven social projects, however, the projects shall not duplicate the main activity of the organization, funded from other sources. If such a case occurs, the host organization shall be dismissed from project. Employees of the host organization and their closest relatives cannot take part in project implementation as part of the youth group being supervised by the host organization.

Both the initiative group and the host organization have a right to reject any further collaboration, provided there are valid grounds for it, and preliminary consolidation

with the Coordinating Agency was held. If thus is the case, the initiative group continues implementing the project independently, or chose another host organization.

Project copyrights belong to young people - the participants of initiative groups.

After the project termination, all the equipment and materials, purchased for grant funds shall be in the ownership of the initiative groups based on the act of delivery and acceptance.

Host organizations, coordinating the youth projects, shall receive a remuneration to cover overhead costs, which makes 15% of the total grant amount per each project. The remuneration is paid in 2 stages along with the 2 tranches (50%-50%) paid for social project implementation.