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About Project

Youth Corps development project – is a joint project between the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development and the Ministry of Education and Science of RK. Coordinating Agency is responsible for project implementation.

Implementation period: 2017-2020

Regions involved in project implementation in 2019: Akmola, Aytrau, Mangystau, West-Kazakhstan regions and two cities - Nur-Sultan and Almaty.

Objective: Engage the youth into community life, develop life skills through community-based service learning.


Participants: young people aged between 14-29 years, permanently registered in regions covered by the Project (excluding school students).

Priorities: Young people, who are neither in education nor in employment or work in poverty.

The Project started in 2017 and counts nearly 2 000 participants from four regions of Kazakhstan. In 2018 3 508 people participated in Project implementation.

The Project comprises four components:

  • grants up to 1 000 000 tenge and social stipends for youth groups aimed at implementing social projects;
  • youth training on life skills development and project management;
  • outreach to vulnerable young people;
  • building effective awareness-raising campaign and feedback and resolution mechanism

Project participants shall pass three stage training on life skills development and project management, during six months they shall implement their social projects, in addition, they will receive a monthly stipend of 60 000 tenge (graduates), 40 000 tenge (all the other participants). Moreover, during project implementation period all participants shall have mentors to support them. 

Within the frameworks of Project implementation host organization selection process, mentors’ selection process and grants delivery on a competitive base shall be organized.

The following is required to apply:

  1. A team of 3 to 5 people (initiative group). It is highly recommended to engage the maximum number of people, as project cannot be implemented by a team with less than three people. In case if, one of the participants has to leave due to valid excuses the project shall be closed. Participants cannot be replaced;
  1. Create an idea for social project that you are interested in – find solution of the problem you have been planning to solve for a long time. You are not limited in ideas for your social project, however the realization of some of them may be subject to some peculiarities and difficulties;
  1. Take a free training course on project writing. In order to help you with a good project writing and application procedures we organize training courses on application procedures in towns and regional districts that are covered by the project – you may learn more about the full list and dates of training courses. In addition, you can contact the regional representative at your location.
  2. Each group participant shall register and fill in all the required areas. Please see the application form beforehand because during the application procedure you will need to attach a range of documents, which need to be prepared beforehand. Please allocate the initiative group leader. Attention: Person under 18 years cannot be the group leader;
  1. Choose the application method – you can implement the project independently with your initiative group, or with the help of host organization which shall help with application procedures, financial operations and reports during the period of Project implementation. Please take a due consideration when choosing a host organization – you will work with them during six months;
  1. Follow the application selection stages;
  1. If your team succeeded – do your best to realize the project! Good luck!


Life skills development program lasts 6 months and includes:

  • initial four days training for all the Project participants;
  • monthly meetings with mentor;
  • six months’ social project implementation (“learning through action”)
  • final four days training;
  • passing financial and narrative reports

Attention: all the above mentioned procedures are required to gain a stipend. Participant,

who did not manage to meet the mentioned requirements, shall fail to gain the stipend.


Please see the detailed information and the info for mentors, host organizations, and FAQs (frequently asked questions) on our website.

Please assume the responsibility for the Project - you are the one who can change your life and the life of your community for the better!