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About training course

Life skills – are the capabilities of a person to act efficiently in everyday life and address its demands and changes in a due way.

Skills types and their development depends on the age of a person and situations, when they are being applied. For instance, decision making abilities, communication skills, emotional intelligence development, leading negotiations, project implementation. These skills are required to get a job or engage in a community life. 

The Project training program comprises three stages:

Stage I – six-day training on life skills and project management. The gained skills shall benefit you in personal growth, in community based service implementation, as well as to implement your subprojects.

Stage II – teaching “through action” – monthly sessions with mentors during five months. The sessions include filling an

activity book reflecting the professional goals or subproject objectives that were gained.

Stage III – an additional 4-days training on life skills and project management. The skills and knowledge gained will help you to develop a positive attitude and design your future, find divers ways of personal and professional growth or to foster your projects, thus ameliorating your competitive performance at the labour market 

Trainings are delivered by mentors, who pass competitive selection, complete training, and based on the test and personal features receive certificates and approvals to deliver trainings.

Trainings are organized in regional centres/cities of closest proximity to young participants’ locations. Transport, accommodation and food expenses are covered by Project. Each participant is contacted individually, and informed of dates, locations and other details concerning training.