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Our Alumni

Join our interest groups! 

 Dear ZHASPROJECT participants!

After project termination in your region we would not want to lose the contact with you. Moreover, we would like to keep pace with your news and further project development. Here you will always find support and

understanding. In addition, you will meet colleagues and like-minded people from other regions of Kazakhstan, thus, you will expand the horizons of your competencies.  

Join the public group “Science and technology” https://vk.com/club161303746 and share your achievements and experience!

Joint “Delicious club” group https://vk.com/club161303361 and share some healthy cooking, performed at your master classes.

Where do you work out and get ready for the sports competition, what place can you recommend for doing sports or tourism, let others know too, join https://vk.com/club161298339

The most artistic and funny people join the “Culture club” )) https://vk.com/club161298635 

The most merciful and sympathetic volunteers of the project join the group  https://vk.com/club161298884

Based on a positive experience of the Pavlodar farmers club, we want to unite all the projects related to agriculture and urban farming development at https://vk.com/club161299021

If you cannot imagine your life without video or photo-camera, or microphone, you are welcome to join the project’s media club https://vk.com/club161299203

You are fashionable, creative, keen on cosmetics, hair styles and the latest trends? Then “Fashion club” group is exactly for you https://vk.com/club161299327

We have a great range of education projects, developed by young teachers. There is no need to fill in the gradebook or do methodological planning )) Just relax among friends and tell us about yourself at https://vk.com/club161299499

Are you concerned with ecological issues and you have an idea how to solve them, you know for sure what shall be done to improve your city or village and make it a better and more comfortable place to live? Then join us on https://vk.com/club161303536