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Host organizations are selected by the Expert Committee developed under the Coordinating Agency on a competitive base. 

The following organizations are eligible to apply for host organization selection:

  1. the youth organizations meeting the requirements of the law of the RoK “on State Youth Policy”
  1. Non-profit organizations such as public associations, funds, association of legal entities and institutions, whose statutory objectives include activities on youth development and support;
  2. private organizations, implementing programs of corporate social responsibility, whose statutory objectives include activities on youth development and support;

Host organization selection criteria:


  1. no less than 3 years of legal registration at the moment of application;
  1. the organization must be registered and operate in one of the following regions: Aktobe, East Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Kostanay, Kyzylorda and North Kazakhstan;
  1. state organizations that have branches in the mentioned regions, shall provide an official letter of permission to participate in host organization selection process;
  1. the declared activities of organization shall correspond to statutory objectives and statutory activities of the organization;
  1. the organization shall have three years’ experience in social program/project implementation with the engagement of young people;
  1. no pending tax debts or other liabilities;
  1. available and operating bank account;
  1. the organization shall not be included in the list of fraudulent service suppliers on state procurements website.

The engaged organizations shall submit application using the online application platform on www.zhasproject.kz.  

All the required areas of application form ought to be filled in compliance with the form given.

The list of selected host organizations shall be available to public on www.zhasproject.kz  website.