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Project scope

Projects, presented by the youth initiative groups, shall aim at developing community based service and shall comply with the following key Project principles: (i) community engagement; (ii) initiative; (iii) support system; (iv) safe space; (v) recognition for positive behavior. 

Social projects involving representatives of vulnerable youth shall be prioritized. 

The youth project shall be implemented within six months, in the area of residence of the initiative group. 

When developing their projects, for general orientation participants may refer to, but shall not be limited to the following suggested project areas:

  1. education-oriented subprojects (subprojects aimed at educational, professional development and at building a competitive society);
  2. healthy lifestyle and sport (subprojects, aimed at development and promotion of mass sports, healthy lifestyle, initiatives support in the field of physical education and awareness raising on healthy eating)
  3. culture and leisure (subprojects, aimed at support and development of creative initiatives, building leisure environment for various groups of population)
  4. patriotism and civic engagement (subprojects, aimed at promotion of moral values and patriotism;development of active citizenship and legal culture);
  5. family values and traditions (subprojects, aimed at strengthening the family institution, preservation and promotion of national traditions);
  6. volunteer initiatives (subprojects, aimed at engaging various groups of population in volunteer activities, promotion of selfless community-based service);
  7. ecology and urban improvements (subprojects, aimed at introducing environmental consciousness and energy efficient technologies to society, development and promotion of local area improvements) 
  8. science and technology (subprojects, aimed at fostering innovative thinking among the youth, engaging the young people into science and research activities);
  9. tourism (subprojects, aimed at developing the internal tourism, as well as at exploring the natural and historical heritage of the motherland);
  10. rural areas development (subprojects, aimed at developing positive attitude towards the village and village lifestyle, building comfortable life conditions for the village population);
  11.  miscellaneous (subprojects not covered by the above-mentioned categories).

All the grant funds shall be used in compliance with objectives, delineated in the approved application and budget. All the finance management, including remuneration, shall be outlined in detail in the Grant Agreement.

Projects, contradicting to laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, shall not be supported under the grant program, as well as projects of the following categories:


  • commercial projects, providing fee-based goods/services during six months of project implementation. After six months of project implementation and grant closure, participants can shift to commercial activity and provide fee-based goods/services;
  • projects, aimed at any type of construction works or works on rebuilding/refurbishment, excluding cases of minor refurbishment of accommodations, used during project implementation as well as installation of greenhouse complexes;
  • projects, aimed at construction of administrative and private buildings; purchasing equipment and vehicles for the local state authorities or NGOs;
  • projects, aimed at installation of sports grounds/stadiums, playgrounds (as the main project activity);
  • projects, aimed at providing services to religious organizations (building mosques/churches or their refurbishment etc., religious education, publishing religious literature etc.);
  • projects that may lead to negative environmental impacts;
  • projects, aimed at purchasing/renting land, purchasing/renting housing;
  • projects funded from other sources;
  • scientific research implementation, elaboration of various methodologies/programs (as the main project activity);
  • projects, aimed at creating/developing websites, internet content (including online channels, online magazines, blogs
  • ) writing/publishing manuscripts, magazines and newspapers in typography (as the main project activity);
  • projects, with main activities focusing on organizing round-tables, seminars, trainings, forums and promo activities;
  • seasonal projects, that is, projects which can be implemented only during a particular time of the year;
  • projects, aimed at rewarding, organization of celebrations, monetary remuneration of any programs and projects, etc.;
  • projects, aimed at direct charity aid (providing financial aid using grant funds, using grant funds to purchase goods for charity support);
  • activities that may lead to discrimination in terms of sex, race, religion and age.


        Main activities under the project – are 70% of activities, done by participants during subproject implementation.